Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Scatter Brained Writer

My name is Jessica Ebony and I am a writer...well - sort of...

I have not written a blog post since I stopped using circa 2004. Those were the good old days, pre-facebook/myspace/twitter, when my friends and I would talk about what happened at school or write poetry or just say complete nonsense and see who cared to read it afterwards. If anyone were to find my Diaryland site, and if you know me, I'm sure you would laugh your ass off.

I think the last thing of substance that I wrote was a poem about finding love in the starlight...

Anywho, I like to think of myself as a writer because I love all things literary in nature, even though I have just now started reading books again. I love films, tv shows, and plays which all come from some written form. I have also dabbled into the world of comic strip writing. I find all of these 'literary works' fascinating. I love the way you can become lost in a storyline. I love how even though you may not seemingly have anything in common with a character, you can somehow relate to what they're going through if the writing is good enough.

So for the past 2 years I have written many stories...well - sort of...

I wrote one about a Semester at Sea adventure, one about a family navigating their way through suburban life, and one about a college student who tackles the daily struggle of being the only one like her in her classes.

There's a few things in common about these stories and the others I have penned in my ethnic designed notebook I purchased from the Museum of Natural History that makes me feel like a real writer:

1. All of the stories have something to do with my life.

2. They required a certain amount of research which I probably enjoyed more than writing the dialogue.

3. They are all unfinished.

The problem is that I have so many ideas, I feel like I can't finish them all. Most people have told me to just write down everything and I have tried. But then I get an idea when I'm in the middle of another idea! I know that part of this is attributed to impatience. The other part is that I honestly don't know how my thoughts will be received.

What I've decided to do is share a snippet of my ideas on this blog. Not too much, but just enough so that I can get these thoughts that I want to write out into the universe. Hopefully you readers (man it would be nice to have readers) will enjoy them. Maybe, some of you will even be able to relate to the uncertainty that comes with trying something new. If nothing else, I hope my ramblings will be entertaining to you in some form or fashion.

Here I go, off into the world of blogging. I promise not to write poems about starlight as I did 6 years ago in my last blog. What I will do is share opinions of things that I am reading, events that I attend, and other happenings in my life. All of which gravitate around the fact that I aspire to be a writer one day.

Feel free to comment, I welcome all thoughts and opinions. I hope this blog will be a good form of expression for me and my writings and maybe I'll even learn something from what my readers say.

Thanks for stopping by and listening...well - sort of.

Jessica Ebony


  1. Hey Courtney, I will make sure I check back from time to time! I actually plan on taking some writing classes too...I am not a writer but its fun to do on the side. I recently made a blog on my time in ghana if you care to check it out: