Thursday, October 14, 2010

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover...or should you?

I'm a judgey judging judger who judges.

I try not to judge but its really inevitable and I know its not just me.

Before we pursue anything we judge it, first based off how it looks to us and then how it might be perceived by others.  Even those who say they aren't judgmental are guilty of it (and in denial too).

I'm beginning to some instances, why not judge?  Let's take picking out a magazine for example: I see a cover that catches my initial attention.  How do I decide whether I will indulge in reading it?  It ain't the ads inside with the half naked models (unless its Essence or GQ).  Its the cover!

The cover is supposed to entice you.  The print should be direct and catchy.  Just short enough to make you want to pop the top and read more but detailed enough so you choose this publication over another.  For some, the appeal is in the pictures of celebrities, for others its the artwork or catchy phrases, but either way, I guarantee to you that the next time you decide between National Geographic and the latest Cars magazine, something on the cover is steering you to your end destination.

With this thought in mind, I decided to take a trip to my local Wally World to check out their books section.  I found several books that caught my eye based solely on their covers.  Here's what I found, in 5 words or less:

Wack Cover. Pretty Colored Flower.
Obama Certainly Is A Patriot.

Intriguing. Where Are They Heading?

Welcome To My Sex Room.

Vibrant. Soulful. Who is Swan?

Interesting Graphics. Cliche Storyline?

Can't Underestimate The Pawn.

Parody Is Homage Gone Sour.
Now that my judgement is over, I think that I should probably try to be more open minded when it comes to selecting books.  Reading the cover jacket is usually a good way to assess whats inside.  But I must admit, judging a book by its cover is way more entertaining.

Based on what I found, I would probably only read 3 of these books.  Leave a comment with the 3 books in this bunch that you would read.  Also, leave a comment with an interesting book cover that you have come across lately.

Jessica Ebony

P.S. Don't Judge Me

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